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Plasma Welding Machine

Plasma Welding Machine
Plasma Welding Machine
Product Code : PW 200
Brand Name : Arcraft Plasma
Product Description

Plasma Welding Machine


Plasma arc welding (PAW) is an advanced arc welding process based on Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process. The electric arc is formed between an electrode (which is always made of tungsten) and the work-piece. The key difference from GTAW is that in PAW by positioning the electrode within the body of the torch the plasma arc can be separated from the shielding gas envelope. Actually all welding arcs are (partially ionized) plasmas but, the one in plasma arc welding is constricted arc plasma. The constriction increases the temperature of the arc and also gives it the shape of a fine beam. This enables welding at high speed, greater penetration, narrow HAZ (heat affected zone) and minimum heat input to the job.


  • IGBT inverter based with analog/digital controls & integrated HF arcing system that tremendously increases its efficiency and switching characteristic.
  • Sensitivity - Less sensitivity to changes in Arc length.
  • Cool Operation, Long Life - Recessed electrode reduces the possibility of tungsten inclusions in the weld and can substantially increase the period between electrode dressings resulting in increased life.
  • High Productivity - Weld in a single pass up to 6 mm plates in square butt position and 10 mm plates in only two passes.
  • Low degree of Deformability - Keyhole mode of welding gives smaller heat affected zone resulting in reduced strength loss at the joint for heat treated metals, promotes less grain growth which gives better ductility.
  • Less Embrittlement - Reduced weld time and effective gas shielding results in less embrittlement by carbides and complex inter-metallic compounds for stainless steel and super alloys.
  • Less Residual Stress - Equalization of distortion stresses results in less residual stress.
  • Reduced Porosity - Less filler metal required in keyhole mode significantly reduces porosity, lowers cost of welding with faster welding speed. 
  • Less Power Consumption: Advanced welding system as compared to TIG welding, Plasma Welding Machine gives higher amount of usefull heat energy at 50% less power consumption than TIG welding.
  • Narrow and Deeper Penetration: Highly constricted arc formed by Plasma which is covered by shielding gas results in narrow & deeper penetration.
  • Low heat affected zone.
  • Excellent fluidity of weld pool.
  • Better weld metallurgy.
  • Advantages over TIG welding.
  • Increase in welding speed by 25 to 30%.
  • Narrow Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).
  • 100% penetration possible in single pass.
  • Saving in filler wire upto 80%.
  • Easy to automate.


  1. Tanks & Pressure vessels,
  2. Chemical equipments
  3. Pharmaceutical equipments
  4. Kitchen equipments
  5. Railway bogies & compartments
  6. Ship building


Technical Parameter


Input Supply

415V +/-10%

Phase/ Freq.


Max Power


Input KVA @ 60%


Input KVA @100%


Current Range (Amp)


Current @ 60%


Current @ 100%


OCV (Volt)


Pre Flow

1-5 Sec

Post Flow

1-5 Sec

Up Slope

1-5 Sec

Down Slope

1-5 Sec

Plasma Gas Down Slope

1-5 Sec

Pulse Frequency (Hz)


Pulse Time


Pre Settable Current


Class of Insulation


Pilot Arc Current (Amp)


Power Source

Air Cooled

Torch Cooling

Water Cooled

Dimensions W x L x H (mm)

700 x 685 x 920

Weight (Kg)


 Scope of supply includes:

  1. Power Source
  2. Plasma Welding Torch (400 Amp) with 4mtr. cable
  3. Earthing Clamp with 4mtr. Cable
  4. Foot Switch with 4mtr. Cable
  5. Water Chiller cum Re- circulator
  6. Consumable Package (3-Electrode, 3-Nozzle, 1-Ceramic Sleeve, 1-Ceramic Cap)



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